Introduction to the department

General Scope of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Department

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (RS) (defined by Statute II of ISPRS) is the art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information through non-contact imaging and other sensor systems about the Earth and its environment, other physical objects by recording, measuring, analyzing and representation processes. Moreover, various applications such as urban management, natural hazard, forestry, geology, atmospheric and oceanography use remote sensing and photogrammetry in a very professional manner to extract information for solving variety of problems of environmental management.

In Iran, several organizations are dealing with Photogrammetry & RS and use this technology to solve the growing related needs in the country in both administrative and the user levels. Graduates of Photogrammetry & RS can be employed in organizations such as Iran Space Agency (ISA), National Cartographic Center (NCC), National Geographic Organization (NGO), and many private companies and non-governmental institutions all around the world.

Photogrammetry & RS Divisions, as a department in the faculty of Geodesy and Geomatics, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, consists of eight faculty academic members who are expert in different disciplines and active in lecturing, research, consultancy, and administrative activities.

Educational objectives and activities of Photogrammetry & RS Department

Academic members of this department do their best to incorporate latest scientific and technical findings in Photogrammetry & RS curriculum, while considering current demands inside the country and in the world. The main educational objectives of the division are:

·       Training engineers and researchers who can manage and use Photogrammetry & RS data in the projects and activities in different organizations,

·       Training researchers and teaching-staff for other universities and research centers in the field of Photogrammetry & RS fields.

The courses offered at the postgraduate level in Photogrammetry & RS divisions are:

·       Advanced close range photogrammetry

·       Digital Photogrammetry

·       Space Photogrammetry

·       Machine Vision

·       Radargrammetry

·       Physics of Remote Sensing

·       Microwave Remote Sensing

·       Spectrometry and Hyperspectral data processing

·       Pattern recognition in remote sensing

·       Active sensors: Theory and Applications

·       Applications of Robotics in Geomatics

·       Videogrammetry

·       UAV Photogrammetry

·       Integration of Photogrammetry & RS

·       3D point cloud processing and modeling

·       Fuzzy logic & Artificial Neural Network in Photogrammetry & RS

·       Optimization and its applications in Photogrammetry & RS

·       Change detection and map updating

·       Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM)

·       Global Positioning Systems and its applications in Geomatics

·       Laser Scanners: Processes and applications

·       Calibration concepts of aerial and space sensors in Photogrammetry & RS

·       Thermal Remote Sensing

·       Applications of remote sensing in urban studies

·       Applications of Remote Sensing in Disaster Management

·        Applications of Remote Sensing in Geology & Vegetation Covers

·       Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Parameters

Research/Consultancy objectives of Department

The department’s research objectives can be summarized as follows:

·       Developing fundamental and applied research and offering scientific consultation services related to Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing needs of the community

·       Promoting the national and international position of faculty and university in connection with Photogrammetry & RS society

·       Introducing the value and paybacks of Photogrammetry & RS related expertise, when used for management and decision making in different applications. In this regard, the establishment of effective relationships with organizations, industry, experts and researchers from different disciplines is one of the main objectives of the department.

Research interests of Photogrammetry & RS department staff covers a wide range of subjects, including:

·       Disaster Management applications (Fire, Flooding, Dust, Earthquake, ...)

·       Development of Photogrammetric & RS software  packages for national and private sectors

·       Design and implementation of Geomatics related Robots

·       Precision farming and agriculture applications of RS

·       Design and development of software packages for LiDAR data

·       Design and development of UAV-based photogrammetric systems

·       Design and development of sensor calibration test sites

·       Design and development of applied methods for Radar application in Forestry

·       Heat islands and Thermal data processing for urban applications

·       Development of artificial Intelligence in feature extraction

·       Design and development of packages for Object modeling and 3D reconstruction from aerial and satellite images

·       Design and Implementation of a system for online integration of photogrammetry and Geospatial information systems

·       3D modeling of features using close range photogrammetry

·       Automatic Feature Extraction from aerial and satellite Images

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