Director of graduate studies


Dr. mohammad mehdi Alizade Elizee

Director of graduate studies (DGS)

Phone: (+98 21) 88786212



  • Serves as the coordinator of graduate studies 
  • Shares responsibility for guiding and improving graduate education within the program(s) under his or her jurisdiction
  • Supervise and coordinate the administration and governance of graduate studies 
  • Act as the liaison among the graduate students, program faculty, and the college and Graduate School administrations
  • Communicate relevant matters to the program faculty or its committees as needed; informing the faculty of graduate education-related policies, deadlines, and programs as appropriate; and forwarding recommendations, nominations, and other information from the faculty to the appropriate collegiate and Graduate School administrations.
  • Provide written criteria to each student, upon entry, of what constitutes acceptable progress through the program and the grounds for the student’s termination from it.
  • Receive, arrange the review, and monitor the progress of student applications and petitions.
  • Orient and counsel graduate students with respect to program and degree requirements until a permanent adviser is selected and assist in the selection as necessary.
  • Enforce regulations of the University, the relevant collegiate unit(s) and the degree program.
  • Oversee the maintenance of graduate student records and the annual student evaluation process.
  • Maintain complete and confidential academic records on all graduate students,
  • Advise new students
  • Evaluate each student’s academic progress and standing each semester and ensures that students remain informed of degree requirements and expected milestones
  • Serve as chair of departmental graduate recruiting, admissions, and fellowship committees—or delegates such responsibilities where appropriate
  • Nominate entering and continuing students for fellowships
  • Forward relevant announcements that are sent by the University to graduate students
  • Alert students of departmental, disciplinary, and professional fellowships and research opportunities, and encourages them to apply
  • Certify students for receipt of the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees
  • Provide periodic reports on the program and data to the collegiate dean(s).
  • Carry out such other responsibilities as specified by the faculty(s)
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