Faculty Dean

Dr. Masoud Mashhadi Hossainali

 Faculty Dean

 Phone: (+98 21) 88770218

 Email: hossainali@kntu.ac.ir

 Website: http://wp.kntu.ac.ir/hossainali


  • Develop, administer, and promote the academic programs and academic support functions of the faculty including international programs.
  • Notifying the nomination, retention, promotion, tenure, and compensation of faculty, department chairs, and staff members in departments and units assigned to the faculty
  • Extend offers for employment or initiate a dismissal within the faculty in consultation with the chairs and faculty counsel;
  • Coordinate and promote academic proposals, changes, reviews, and other academic issues with the other deans of the university, and other institutions and groups;
  • Coordinate the departments and programs within the faculty
  • Develop and coordinate educational policies, planning functions and physical facilities planning and utilization of the faculty;
  • Provide leadership, conduct and implement strategic planning;
  • Develop external relationships for the purposes of (1) providing meaningful community outreach opportunities for students and faculty; and (2) increasing additional fundraising opportunities,
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring faculty budgets, allocate and provide oversight of department budgets and program fees
  • Supervise marketing and public relations and recruitment activities of the College.
  • Provide oversight and coordination of the college’s website
  • Determination of the administrative policies of the faculty with the declared policies by the university
  • Notifying the subdivision offices about the recent changes in rules and regularities, faculty council decisions and commands of university officials
  • Structuring the consistent implementation of rules and regulations
  • Monitoring the faculty instructional activities, teaching workload and its research and development assigned time program.
  • Proposing the above mentioned related schedules to the university council for consideration and approval
  • Provide support and coordination among academic staff, educational programs and the university council Designing the required programs to conduct both basic and applied researches and monitoring their progress
  • Managing scientific relationships & organizing communications with the help of Research Affairs and Industrial Relations Office of the university
  • Provide timely welfare and services for the students with the cooperation of student affairs unit
  • Help to prepare required instruments, supplies and equipment, and to plan the annual budget with the cooperation of the finance and administration office
  • Predicting the requirements of new faculty members and its recruitment strategies 


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