Heat and Fluid

Turbo machinery Lab

Air Conditioning & Central Heating II

Thermal Machines Lab

Internal combustion engines Lab

Thermodynamics I

Exact Traditional Design of Cooling Systems

Hydraulics Machines

Thermal Power Plants

Internal Combustion Engine Design

Thermodynamics II

Advanced Strength Materials

Thermal Power Plants I

Heat Exchanger Design

Auto mechanics Workshop

Thermodynamics Lab

Nuclear Power Plant

Hydro _ Power Stations

Water Distribution Systems

Steam Production

Fluid Mechanics I

Mechanics & Thermodynamics of Systems

Direct Conversion Energy

Air Conditioning & Central Heating I

Air Pollution Control

Fluid Mechanics II

Advanced Fluid Dynamics


Aircondition Lab

Power Plant (thermal, water, nuclear)

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Advanced Gas Dynamics II

Turbo machinery Design

Refrigeration & Thermal Lab

Heat Transfer II

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Advanced Water Power Plant

Selected Topics in Computer Aided Design

Gas Turbine & Jet Propulsion

Fuel & Combustion

Heat Transfer I


Statistical Thermodynamics

Process Control

Refrigerant & Cooling System Design

Fuel & Combustion

Heat Transfer Lab

Continuum Mechanics II


Gas Dynamics


Internal combustion engines

Fuel Transportation

Environmental Effects of Energy

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics II

Shear Stress Empirical Methods

Fuel Transportation Lab

Air Pollution Control

Industrial Thermodynamics

Fluid Mechanics

Boundary Layer II

Applied Hydraulic & Pneumatic

Recoverable System

Industrial Thermodynamics Lab

Fluid Mechanics

Internal Combustion Engines


Environmental Impact Assessment

Planning for Maintenance

Automotive Heat Transfer

Thermodynamics II

Turbo machinery design

Identification of Food Industry

Power Generation Technology

Advanced Thermodynamics

Heat Transfer II

 Advanced Heat Transfer

Technical English Language

Power Generation Lab

Understanding Environment

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