Energy absorption and damage mechanism of UHMWPE- aluminum hybrid laminate under impact loading
Energy absorption and damage mechanism of UHMWPE-  aluminum hybrid laminate under impact loading
H. Mansoori, M. Zakeri, M. Guagliano
Abstract: This research presents an experimental  investigation on impact behavior of a Fiber  Metal Laminate (FML) made of ultra-high  molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber  composite and aluminum alloy. The effect of  different parameters such as projectile type,  thicknesses of aluminum layers and composite  core, and lay-up sequence on impact  performance is studied. The results imply that  increasing the thickness of the composite core  increases the specific energy absorption (SEA).  Damage patterns show that in this material, metal layers and composite core deforme  proportionally that leads to more energy  absorption. Compared with glass fiber metal  laminate (GLARE), the results show that the  proposed FML with less weight has the much  stronger impact resistance.
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