High temperature furnaces

Given the urgent need and also addressing the technological challenges in a wide area of industrial and collegiate researches, the use of this furnace has become inevitable. Necessity of using high temperature furnaces (up to 2000 °C) is mostly focused on heat treatment of ferrous metal and super alloy metals and also sintering of carbide ceramic materials (such as SiC, B4C, WC) and oxides ( such as ZrO2, Al2O3). In this project attempts have been done in order to design and implement the whole mechanical, electronic, and metallurgical parts of the furnace such as the body, command control system, power supply, vacuum system and choosing materials by the use of potentials in the university.

Final product of the project leads to manufacture of high temperature furnace capable of precise control of temperature and pressure that can be used in manufacturing of different part of missile and airplane (such as blowing nozzles) that are exposed to high temperature. Also it is used in order to manufacture metallic and engineering ceramics and composites such as tungsten carbide-zirconium and boron. Mentioned operation leads to decreased amount of currency out and increased domestic self-sufficiency that in this condition could help moderating effect of sanctions on specific industries.

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