Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Active Microwave Circuits
Adaptive Control Systems
Adaptive Filters
Advanced Channel Coding
Advanced Communication Theory
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics
Advanced High Voltage Theory and Technology
Advanced Information Theory
Advanced Instrumentation
Advanced Power System Operation
Advanced Power System Protection
Advanced Solid-States Physics
Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits
Analysis and Design of RF ICs
Analysis Methods for Optimization of Motor Performance
Antenna II
Applied Mathematics in Control
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Biological Signal Processing
Modeling of Biological Systems
Biomechanical, Cinematic & Electrophysiological Exploration of Equilibrium & Movement
Biomedical Engineering Internship *Compensatory*
Biomedical Optical Diagnostics
Biomedical Signal Processing
Biomedical Transducers
Biostatistics II
Broadband Access Communication Systems
Cardiovascular Physiology, Physiopathology & Therapy : Animal Model to Human
Cerebral Electrophysiology
Channel Coding
Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices
Communication Networks
Comprehensive Examination
Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis
Computer Network Security
Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Devices
Control of Stochastic Processes
Data Communication Networks
Data Converters
Design & Applications of Parallel Systems
Design of High-Frequency Electronic Circuits
Design of Special Circuits Using VLSI Capabilities
Detection Theory
Detector Physics
Digital Control Systems
Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Processing*Compensatory*
Digital Integrated Circuits Design
Digital Signal Processing
Electric Power Distribution Systems
Electrical Machine Design
Electromagnetic Compatibility- EMC
English Proficiency
Estimation Theory
Evolutional Process
Fault Detection & Identification
Finite Elements Methods in Electromagnetism
Finite Elements Methods in Electromagnetism
Flexible Power Systems
Fourier Optics
Fractional Order Systems & Controllers
French I
French II
Frequency Synthesis Systems & Clock Recovery Circuits
Functional Neuroscience
Fuzzy Control
Game Theory
General Physiology & Anatomy *Compensatory*
General Theory of Electrical Machines
Graph Theory & Network Analysis
Wireless Sensor Networks
Hybrid Systems
Implantable Biomedical Microsystems
Industrial Automation
Industrial Control *Compensatory*
Information Theory
Interface Circuits
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering *Compensatory*
Investigation of Motor Performance
Electric Smart Grid
Theory and Application of Power Switches
Modern Electrical Machines
Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Converters
Analysis of Electrical Machines using Finite Elements
Modern Control
Linear and Nonlinear Programming
Machine Vision
Machine Vision *Compensatory*
Medical Imaging Systems
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Microprocessors II
Microwaves II
Microwave Semiconductor Devices
Model-Predictive Control
Morphological and Functional Neuroimaging
Multimodal Analysis of Cerebral Functioning
Multivariable Control
Nanooptics and Nanophotonics
Navigation Systems
Networked Control Systems
Neural Control
Neural Networks
Neuron-Muscular Control Systems
Nonlinear Control
Nonlinear Optics
Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering
Numerical Methods in Linear Algebra
Numerical Modeling & Simulation of Electrical Machinery
Numerical Optimization Methods
Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics
Optical Communication Networks
Optical Communication Systems
Optical Diagnostic Systems
Optical Imaging & Cerebral Oximetry
Optical Integrated Circuits
Optical Modulation
Optimal Control
Optoelectronics I
Organic Electronics
Parallel Processing
Parallel Robotics
Ph.D. Dissertation
Phased Array Antennas
Power Electronics I
Power Electronics II
Power Quality
Power System Dynamics I
Power System Dynamics II
Power System Reliability
Power System Stability & Control (Incl. Reactive Power)
Principles of Electric Drive Systems
Principles of Mobile & Wireless Communications
Principles of Modern Control Theory
Principles of Radar Systems
Printed Circuit Antennas
Programming for Power Systems
Quantum Electronics I
Quantum Electronics II
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
Radio Networks Design
Radio Wave Propagation
Reactive Power Control
Real & Complex Analysis
Real Time Systems
Regulation & Deregulation of Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Renal Function
Remote Sensing
Renewable Energy Resources
Risk & Uncertainty Analysis Engineering
Robust Control
Satellite Communications
Semiconductor and Organic Solar Cells
Semiconductor Devices II
Simulation of Semiconductor Devices
Soft Computing
Solid-State Devices
Sound Processing in Medical Assessment
Special Topics in High Voltage
Special Topics. Electromagnetic Complex Media
Speech Processing
Spread Spectrum Communications
Statistical Approaches in Biological Data Processing
Statistical Optical Communications
Statistical Pattern Recognition
Stochastic Processes
Superconductivity I
System Dynamics
System Identification
System Identification
Systems Architecture & Engineering Design
Blind Source Separation and Representation of Sparse Signals
TeraHertz Technology
Theory & Fabrication Technology of Semiconductor Devices I
Theory & Fabrication Technology of Semiconductor Devices II
Optical Fibers
Traffic Engineering in Communications
Transients in Power Systems
Power Transmission Systems II
Ultrasound in Medicine
Ultrasound in Medicine
Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits
Wavelet Transform & Parallel Processing
Wavelets & Applications
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