K.N.Toosi Organization

K. N. Toosi University of Technology is a public university acting under the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The organizational chart of K.N.Toosi Univ. is as follows:

Different committees and offices which are in charge of various activities of the University will be briefly introduced here.
The Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees is the legal entity of the University led by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology. Other members of this board are the President of the University, four to six distinguished academic/cultural/social scholars of whom at least two are faculty members, and the Director of the Management and Planning Organization of the country or his/her representative. Members of the Board are appointed by the President of the I.R. of Iran.
The Board of Trustees ratifies internal by-laws, the administrative organization and the annual budget of the University. It also verifies the annual report of the University presented by the President. In general all major policies of the University are made by the Board of Trustees.
The President: The President is the highest legal authority of the University who is appointed by the Minister of Culture, Research, and Technology.
The University Council: The Council consists of members of the Presiding Board (see below), Deans of the Faculties, representatives from the education and research councils as well as representatives from the faculty. The President of K. N. Toosi Univ. chairs the University Council.
Responsibilities of the University Council include: Planning for students admission regarding the available facilities of the University, general evaluation of the University’s performance, studying and ratifying plans proposed by specialized councils, discussing issues placed on the agenda of the Council by the KNTU President.

The Presiding Board: The Presiding Board consists of the President of the University and his/her Vice-Presidents. The Vice- Presidents are appointed by the President.
Responsibilities of the Presiding Board include: Submitting the organizational flow-chart and suggestions for improvement of the administrative affairs of the University to the Board of Trustees through the President, coordinating the activities of the vice- presidents, proposing the annual budget to the Board of Trustees through the President.

The Board of Scientific Evaluation: This Board is composed of the University President, the Academic and Research Vice-Presidents, and professors and associate professors selected as representatives from different faculties of the University. The President chairs the Board.
Responsibilities and authorities of this Board include: Evaluation and passing judgment on the scientific and professional qualifications of the faculty members applying for higher academic ranks.
Academic Vice-President: The Academic Vice-President is responsible for academic policy making, improvement of educational quality, and constant supervision over proper enforcement of educational regulations and by-laws.
Vice-President for Research: The Vice-President for Research supervises the information center of the University, the central library, all research projects and contracts as well as sabbatical leaves and research trips of the faculty.
Vice-President for Students and Cultural Affairs: The Vice-President supervises all student cultural and recreational activities. This includes student accommodation, cafeteria, transportation, sport activities, etc.
Vice-President for Administration and Finance: All administrative and financial activities of the University are supervised by the Vice-President for Administration and Finance.
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