Computer Centers and Information Technology Services (CCITS)


Computer Centers and Information Technology Services (CCITS) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is in charge of providing hardware and software computer services as well as information technology (IT) and internet access to faculty members, students, and staff.


Hardware support

  • Repair and maintenance of computer systems
  • Supervision on installation of modules and parts
  • Enhancements and upgrading computer systems
  • Hardware storage facility management
  • Ordering and purchasing modules, parts, and computer systems
  •  Providing printing and computer scan services to students

Software support

  • Software maintenance and updates
  • Supervision on software installation
  • Purchasing software
  • Software bank development

Internet and Intranet services

  • Providing both hardwired and wireless access to the University network and local resources
  • Maintenance of the University network
  • Providing access to the Internet
  • E-mail accounting
  • Development, updating, and maintenance of the website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Creation of homepages
  • Creation of private and shared cyberspace for users

Physical Spaces

  • The Undergraduate Site with 42 desktop computers and 42 seats for laptop users
  • The Graduate Site with 32 desktop computers
  • The 24/7 Site with 8 desktop computers
  • The Professors Computer Room providing computer, network, and printing services to faculty members

 Saeed Farzi
 Dean Of  CCITS
Hamed Ashkar Technical Staff ashekar(at-sign)
Farnaz Movahedi Technical Staff movahedi(at-sign)
Farzaneh Zarivar
Technical Staff f.zarivar(at-sign)


Highlights of CCITS

Intranet of the University

Access to the Internet

Hardware and software services

Four physical computer sites

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