SnO2:F conducting films for long-life transparent electronics

Client: Hezareh-Sevom Company (http://www.hezare-sevom.ir/fa/)

Date: 2016- Ongoing

Director project: Prof. Faramarz Hossein-Babaei

Project type: Pilot plant implementation

Project collaborator: Mohsen Gharesi, Alireza Ranjkesh

Summary of project:

Transparent conductors (TCs) are in great demand in electronic industries; local production of TCs even at laboratory scale is still lacking. In this project, fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) films are fabricated and characterized as TCs. The films are grown on soda lime and silica glass substrates by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. The products exhibit sheet resistances in the order of 10 Ω.sq-1 and fine transparency in the visible spectrum. Thermal annealing of FTO films in air at temperatures as high as 500 °C does not alter their electrical and optical characteristics. Electrical contacts of ohmic quality are made by both silver paste printing and diffusion bonding. Owing to their high temperature stability and resistance to harsh environs, the fabricated devices can function as long-life transparent electrodes and defrosters in many electronic, optoelectronic, and electrochemical devices. The device is used for the manufacturing of windows with active defogging implement for storage units operating below room temperature at chemical and petrochemical industries.
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