Microfluidic electronic tongue

Client: K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Date: 2009- Ongoing

Director project: Prof. Faramarz Hossein-Babaei

Project type: Laboratory implementation

Project collaborator: Dr. Kianoosh Nemati, Asma Souri, Hasti Sardari

Summary of project:

An electronic tongue is developed in which the discriminative information are obtained by monitoring the diffusion progress rates of ionic species in liquid-filled microfluidic channels. The fabricated prototype is made of two microfluidic channels and can classify simple and complex analytes and distinguish among sour and salty electrolytes. Owing to its simplicity and inexpensiveness, the device can be disposably utilized for fast recognition of liquid analytes. Electronic tongues are sought after for monitoring the contents and comparison of the liquids with complex ingredients in various branches of food, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Water quality monitoring is an example.


The fabricated microfluidic channel before (a) and after (b) placing the cap.


Feature space classification of analytes using the developed electronic tongue

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