Multiscale Modeling of Oil Transport in Deformable Porous Media


Client: K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Date: 2009-2015

Director project: Dr Hasan Ghasemzadeh

Project type: Engineering, Modeling

Project collaborator: Dr. Sadrnejad, Dr. Taheri

Summary of project:

Reservoir formations typically display high degrees of spatial variations over multiple length scales. Moreover, several physical phenomena affect the flow pattern in different hierarchies. However, a full description of flow and deformation that includes all these scales exceeds the current computational capabilities. To overcome this deficiency, each physical effect should be treated separately on its area of influence. In this project the finite element method is combined with Multiscale Finite Volume (MSFV) to solve the solid equilibrium and fluid flow equations. The accuracy and efficiency of the code was verified by simulating some experiments and benchmark problems which the results show the high computation efficiency of developed code. The key objectives of the project include:

Development of theoretical knowledge of governing equations of multiphase flow in deformable reservoir.

Software development for numerical solution of the Multiscale/Multiphysics Mixed Geomechanical Model.
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