Design of large-scale Oxy-fuel Boilers-Phase II, funded by Valmet, Finland


Client: Valmet, Finland 

Date: 2011-2014

Director project: Dr. Sadegh Seddighi

Project associate members: Dr. Sadegh Seddighi

Project type: Engineering, Laboratory/Pilot Plant Implementation

Project collaborator: Fortum Company (Sweden), Chalmers University

 Summary of project:

This project carried out model simulations and validations for a broad range of operational conditions, involving both oxy-fuel firing and air-firing. The results were in good agreement with the data obtained in this project using laboratory-scale (100-kW) and 4-MW industrial-scale, oxy-fuel-fired units. The designed model is used subsequently to design of a utility-scale (300–1100 MW) oxy-fuel-fired CFB boiler for the client.


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