Fundamental studies of Oxy-fuel Boilers-Phase I, funded by Metso, Sweden & Finland


Client: Metso Power Oy, Finland 

Date: 2009-2011

Director project: Dr. Sadegh Seddighi

Project associate members: Dr. Sadegh Seddighi

Project type: Engineering, Laboratory/Pilot Plant Implementation

Project collaborator: Fortum Company (Sweden), Chalmers University


Summary of project:

This project which was funded by Scandinavian energy companies of Metso Power and Fortum, aimed at developing and encoding tools for the design and scale-up of oxy-fuel boilers across a wide range of operational conditions. The work comprises fluid dynamics, combustion, and heat transfer and uses expressions that are proposed in this project or derived from the literature, together with experimental data obtained under both oxy-fuel-fired and air-fired conditions.

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