A comprehensive and sustainable program for production, supply and demand management of oil and natural gas products in Iran until 1404


Client: National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company

Date: 2009

Director project: Professor Majid Amidpour

Project type: Feasibility/Simulation study

Project collaborator: K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU)


Summary of project:

In this project, the prospect of oil products in Iran, as well as the prospect of the National Company for Distribution of the Oil Products, are carefully investigated and analyzed in terms of market volume, required capacity building, environmental impacts of activities and development of company activities using the integrated model made in LEAP software. The report is designed as abstract. Due to the fact that most outputs are available in the model and also the model has been completed and approved in provincial dimension, so it's possible to benefit from the results in the model environment. In general, the report presented in this section can serve as a background and context for future development scientific planning and position of company in the prospect. The developed model has the ability to accurately reflect the realities by calibrating and appropriate changing in each year, and, if used, can increase the accuracy of predictions by covering the likelihood of an unexpected event occurring in the future. The results are presented in three scenarios: high, middle, and bottom, which respectively indicate the reference scenario as a reflection scenario of the current technology trend and factors affecting the energy system, the scenario of implementing energy saving strategies, as well as the scenario for concurrent implementation of precious and non-precious tools for integrated management of energy system.
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