Design and Construction of a Tele-operated (Melon) and an autonomous (Silver) robots


Client: National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

Date: 2006-2010

Director project: Dr. Alireza Fatehi

Project associate members: Dr. Hamid Taghirad, Dr. Ali Mousavian

Project type: Design, Development and Robot Construction

Project collaborator: K.N. Toosi University of Technology (KNTU)

Summary of project:

Oil fields exploration and pipeline investigation are among top priority tasks in the oil industry. However, due to a vast area of exploration and hazardous nature of the oil fields, it is a difficult and dangerous duty. Nowadays, exploring robots become popular on investigating the hazardous plain area. To develop the technology of mobile robots with the capability of maneuvering in the oilfields and across the pipelines, two robots have developed in this project. The melon robot is designed to explore plain areas using autonomous technology without human interference, while Silver robot, by using teleoperation technology, has the ability to explore not only plain areas but also can climb hills and stairs and pass some obstacles like woods and small rocks.




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