Design and implementation of Universal Control System (UCS)

Client: High-Tech Bureau of the Ministry of Industry

Date: 2005-2008

Director project: Dr. Ali Khaki-Sedigh

Project associate members: Dr. Alireza Fatehi

Project type: Design, Development and Pilot Plant Implementation

Project collaborator: K.N. Tossi University of Technology (KNTU)

Summary of project:

Nowadays, Advanced Process Control (APC) systems are widely used in industry. However, the main challenge on the application of APC systems is tuning of their parameters, including model structure like model order, delay and model parameters, controller structure and parameters like control and prediction horizon in model predictive controllers, noise filters and so on. Practically, an APC expert should decide on them through some experimental test on the site. Every re-tuning of the controller also needs the presence of experts. This increases the commissioning and operational costs of APC, one of the main reason that many industries avoid using APC systems. By UCS, we developed an APC that only needs some operational available information, like the tag number of MV and CV, acceptable setpoint and MV step changes and so on. This makes the APC design a kind of plug-and-play procedure that can be handled by in residence automation engineers at the plant site. Both PID and APC controllers are automatically designed through some carefully, yet universally, step by step experiments. UCS has already been tested on some process systems, including level, flow, temperature, pressure and pH neutralization pilot plants. 

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