Development and design of spatial data infrastructure of Iranian Gas Transmission Company


Client: Iranian Gas Transmission Company

Date: 2010-2011

Director project: Dr. Mohammad Karimi and Dr. Ali Mansourian

Project associate members: Dr. Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej, Dr. Hamid Ebadi, and Dr. Mohammad Taleai

Project type: Feasibility study and design

Project collaborator: K.N. Tossi University of Technology (KNTU)

Summary of project:

The Iranian Gas Transmission Company (IGTC) signed a contract with K N Toosi University of Technology to perform a research project on the development and design of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for IGTC. In this project, after giving a comprehensive description about the current status of the central department of IGTC and some of the regional operational branches, from organizational duties, spatial and attribute data, technological information, and their human resources perspectives the existing status of the company from SDI point of view was analyzed and summarized. The major outputs of this projects are includes:

 Assessment and Requirement Analysis

 Conceptual model and Standard of Spatial Database

 Metadata standard for spatial database

 Operational routines for spatial data management

Definition of requirement projects and activities for GIS and SDI.

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